My story starts at 7 years old when I used my mom’s good pinking shears to cut my construction paper. I don’t remember getting punished that day but it sure did have a lasting effect on me. Because of this, I have several scissors these days and each one has a specific function.

My Barbie dolls had the prettiest clothes of all my friends, thanks to my mom’s special talent with needle and thread. I guess that is where my passion started. When I was 11, my Mom went to the finest fabric store in the area to purchase black velvet and black lace for my sister’s gown. I just loved the feel of the different textures and the nap of the velvet.

Soon after, I started to sew my own clothes and have continued for generations. From wedding gowns, swimsuits, novelty items and home decor, my quest for knowledge and excellence has endured. Although my career choice led me to becoming a Registered Nurse, my passion has remained in my sewing studio.

Inquire about my “Memory” items that include Hankies, Bears, Pillows, Mittens and Quilts.  Be sure to check out my photo page to view some of my many creations. To make an inquiry, get a quote or place an order, please email me at:

My usual response time is 24 hours or less.

Whatever I create, I want you to feel special, because you are!