How do I prevent my glasses from fogging up when I use my new mask?

One way is to make sure the top of the mask fits securely around your face to prevent air from your breath being expelled upward out of the mask and onto your glasses.  All of our masks have a nosepiece which when fitted properly should assure a good fit.

Another way is to apply a drop of dishwashing liquid to both sides of your glasses.  Rub it over both sides of the lens and rinse thoughly with water.  This will also prevent fogging.

How often should I wash my mask?

Because of unknown chemicals when fabrics are manufactured, wash your fabric masks prior to wearing them for the first time.  Wash your mask frequently.  I handwash mine and air dry on a hook on the side of my refrigerator on a nightly basis.

What is the white fabric used for that was inside of the mask when I opened the package?

It is a Non Woven 100% polyester fabric that, when inserted on the inside of the mask, provides additional filter from unwanted droplets leaving the mask. It is washable.  Should it be lost or damaged over time, ordinary tissue can be used in place of it.

How should I take my mask on and off?

When you wear your mask, be sure to keep the same side toward your face.  Only put it on by grabbing the elastic and placing it around your ears.  Remove your mask by touching the elastic around your ears and not by touching the fabric.  Always avoid touching your face.